trust and let go

feel good and feel more 

connect and blossom

In one-on-one sessions or in group events
let me accompany you on your
embodied inward journey

Cuddle Therapy

 Receive relaxing and nourishing non-sexual touch, while feeling safe and accepted. Reconnect with your body and experience conscious togetherness, having your wishes and boundaries respected at all times.

"The clarity and peace of mind I felt after the session lasted for several days and allowed me to intuitively make better decisions."
- A.J., Coach

Contact Coaching

Learn to speak the language of touch in its finest nuances. Understand how to deepen the connection in your relationships, creating authentic intimacy.

 "I think that your energy and presence are healing, powerful and earthy. You radiate with care and compassion, true interest in the person in front of you."
- P.A., Graphic Designer


Surrender to the present moment through sensation. 
Let go of tension, releasing blockages and stored emotions. Treat yourself with a lasting experience of deep relaxation and pleasant inner peace.

"The traninig changed my life. Thank you very much for the numerous insights and the introduction to a life filled with self-love and a new openness towards others."
- J.M., Medical Doctor

Yoga & Mindfulness

Learn self-regulation. Develop an empowering and accessible tailor-made practice that will fit in your schedule and improve your quality of life. Train your mind to focus and your body to relax. 

There was a very clear moment, when I started to breathe better and a sensation of lightness spread through me. I felt like I had more energy and at the same time was deeply relaxed."
- T.M., University Professor

Trainings & Workshops

Experience, share and learn  conscious touch and mind-body awareness in a group setting. Grow personally, expand your professional horizons and be part a growing community. 

       Live a more balanced,                                                           joyful and meaningful life. 

       Look inside yourself                                                                and find your true potential.

       Let me accompany you on your                                           embodied inward journey.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you! 


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