trust and let go

feel good and feel more 

connect and blossom


In one-on-one sessions or in group events
let me accompany you on your
embodied inward journey 

Cuddle Therapy

Receive relaxing and nourishing non-sexual touch, while feeling safe and accepted. Reconnect with your body and experience authentic togetherness, having your wishes and boundaries respected at all times. Deal with stress, trauma, depression or grief by reprogramming your nervous system and attachment patterns. 

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Contact Coaching

Learn about yourself through practical exercises, about what you really want and your boundaries. Become fluent at body language and improve the way you communicate, both verbally and non-verbally, in all your interpersonal relationships. Experience how to create deeper connections and more authentic interactions.
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"The day after  the session I felt that warmth coming into my body again in the afternoon. And in the evening I felt much closer to my daughter. Somehow I had the feeling of just having more love in my heart."

E.F., Architect

Intuitive Osteothai Massage

Thai Massage meets Osteopathy in a somatic meditation. Let go of tension, releasing blockages and stored emotions.  

Resonate with your whole body and dive into a lasting experience of deep relaxation and inner peace.

Wellness Oil Massage

Treat yourself. Become soft and receptive. 

Surrender and open yourself to the present moment through sensation. Let go of stress and just feel the warm oil and the pleasant touch on your skin - skillful and respectful.  

"There was this precise moment when I started to breath better and a sensation of lightness and a deep relaxation spread through my body ."

- T.P. University Professor

Yoga and Somatic Awareness

Feel your body become more and more alive. Learn to listen to it. Improve your posture and breathing with ease. Develop an empowering and accessible tailor-made practice that will fit in your schedule and improve your quality of life.

Breathwork and Meditation

Learn self-regulation and resilience. Practice simple yet effective techniques that will help you navigate your emotions and support your nervous system. Train your body to unwind and your mind to calmly focus.

"The clarity and peace of mind I felt after the session lasted for several days and allowed me to intuitively make better decisions." 

A.J.., Coach

Professional Trainings

Rubem and Angeline give professional trainings in Cuddle Therapy, Facilitating Conscious Cuddle Experiences (a special kind of cuddle parties) and related topics. The trainings are offered regularly both in German and English, in Berlin and throughout Europe.

Group Events & Workshops

Experience, share and learn conscious touch and mind-body awareness in a group setting: Workshops, Retreats,

Conscious Cuddle Experiences.

Expand your horizons, grow personally and be part of a loving and ever growing community. 

"The traninig changed my life. Thank you so much for the numerous insights and the introduction to a life filled with self-love and a new openness towards others."

- J.M., Medical Doctor

       Live a more balanced,                                                           joyful and meaningful life. 

       Look inside yourself                                                                and find your true potential.

       Let me accompany you on your                                           embodied inward journey.

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