"First of all, thank you very much for your time and your presence, your professionalism and, in a way, your calmness and patience. Beforehand I was not so sure about seeing a cuddle therapist, but now I feel very grateful for this experience.
As I wrote you before, it was because of negative experiences with men that it was important to me to be able to decide on the spot if I really wanted the session. I trusted my gut feeling and when I saw you, I knew straight away that I was not in danger. Although before that I asked myself why I "do this to myself", but I once swore to myself that just because of negative experiences in the past or because of irrational fears, I do not want to have my curiosity in life taken away :-) 

I appreciate your calm charisma and gentle touches and that I was made to feel that I was allowed to be the way I am. I did notice that I was still quite tense, especially in the beginning, and tried to "protect" parts of my body, but over time I gained more confidence and calmness and was able to let go more. I enjoyed the stroking of my face the most. I really liked that you asked questions every now and then, like if you may put your hand there or if I'd like more or less pressure. Through this experience and the regard of my boundaries, I also gained a little more confidence in men again - a thousand thanks!"

- R.S., Account Manager, Cuddle Therapy  (main issue: traumatic experiences with men)

“So yeah, I felt surprisingly calm and warm after our session. I was almost kind of worried that lots of stuff would come up, I felt that it was a huge topic to be so close to someone 'I don't know so well', simply because of my past experiences. But I was surprised how good it felt and how natural it felt. I can definitely imagine that this can be of big help for everyone with similar traumatic experiences, or people who also have a lack of intimacy in their lives. I'm honestly impressed by how professional, but still very honest you felt. Usually I would think that by this kind of practice my borders are easily crossed, which would make me feel bad afterwards, but actually I couldn't identify any of those feelings afterwards. I'm very impressed with how well you can feel what is necessary/appropriate, and how easily you could make me feel. Except for the fact that my pattern is that I keep thinking " why would he want to be so intimate with me?' But there I trust you that you also listen to your own boundaries.

Oh yeah, there is definitely something else I really learned from it! I was talking a bit about it with a friend yesterday, and then I said: "This was definitely the best cuddling I've ever had in my whole life!". I honestly thought that it's almost impossible to find that in a relationship. But this friend actually made me realize that I should never think about it as something impossible to reach, that it's actually the way it should be in any relationship. I realized I always settled down for less, usually it was me giving everything and receiving almost nothing. And it's a very nice feeling to know that I don't have to accept that anymore. It somehow opened my eyes.”

- J.C. Musician, Cuddle Session + Contact Coaching (main issue: intimacy)

There was a lot going on this time right after the session. In the evening I felt a deep compassion for myself and a pure appreciation for what I have achieved in the last years in terms of inner development. Such was very beautiful experience. I feel there is more self-love in me again. I think it was this long caressing and me being able to accept it that made so much difference.”

- E.F. Architect, Contact Coaching (main issue: deep connections)

"First of all, thank you again for the treatment. It was long-needed and done in a considerate and supporting way. As I shared with you directly after the massage, it was far not only physical but also a mental journey and a consequent relief that I experienced. I came for the massage looking for a space where I can totally let go and nurture my body with the healing energy, time and space for relaxation. To pause and also to address the physical pains. Initially, it was hard to confront the amount of stress and tension I sensed during the relaxation but your presence reassured me it’s alright and I could find a way to accept it and consequently to let it be, without getting overwhelmed by it. Much was released and I’m so so thankful. I felt very open, calm and present right after the massage and biking home was very different than biking at yours. Slightly psychodelic, very connected and open state. Truly, I was even surprised to feel it so deeply. Was no need for headphones, looking around, there were almost no thoughts. Was such a pure experience. I didn’t go to the birthday in the end, felt like the state is too pure and special to engage in any interaction. 

Physically, during the treatment I felt at times I wanted more pressure. However, after a few days I felt in some spots the remainings of the finger pressure (like the soles of the feet or in the arms). It was not painful or disturbing at all but quite present, therefore, I realized that my body truly didn’t need more pressure at the time. So great job with this one too.

I also appreciate a lot that you went a bit overtime and the massage was intuitive, energetic and focused on healing. It is quite evident to me in the aftermath too. I was provided the space to heal myself and also helped to unclog the physical (=mental) blockages. 

I think that your energy and presence are healing, powerful and earthy. You radiate with care and compassion, true interest in the person you’re talking with. Muchas gracias!!”

- P.A., Graphik Designer, Massage (Main issue: To heal body and mind)

"Such a precious training: the two instructors not only present theoretical knowledge in a very lively and vivid way, but are also living examples of everything they teach and personify authenticity and clarity in communication and body language. In addition, the content is also transmitted very concretely through numerous exercises and self-experiences, it is never boring and the two trainers are complementary in their ways: Angeline very funny, lively and structured and Rubem very calm, composed and nuanced. The two break taboos about the importance of cuddling in our society and they are very brave on this new path to rehabilitate cuddling as a natural basic need."

-  F.M., Psychotherapist, Training in Cuddle Therapy

"At the beginning I was very stressed and during the session I gradually calmed down. I felt you absorb the stress from me - with every touch, every hug, all extremely authentic - until at the end I was just happy. This is a special gift of yours.

- M.B., Manager, (main issues: stress and lack of touch)

"For me it was perfect this way - a wonderful cuddling experience. Being held and especially head cuddling is very healing with my background. I think you are very sensitive and do it intuitively just right. I also liked that we didn't talk so much at first. I didn't have the capacity for that. It remains a problem that I can hardly feel myself in such close contact. That's why it's especially important that I feel safe. And that's what I do with you. Thank you!"

- D.H., Employee of a publishing house, Cuddle Therapy (main issue: PTSB)

"I already knew yoga has a very positive influence on my mental and physical state, but in combination with the massage I could completely surrender and let myself go – wide awake, conscious of any and all sensations, yet completely relaxed."

-  H.J., Yoga Teacher, Yoga + Massage (main issue: deepen her yoga practice)

"In the session I consciously went into my inner child, how I felt at that time (5th-6th grade), all alone, unloved, and let myself be gently touched, caressed, held. It was healing. Your touches did a lot of good. I could have stayed in the same position for hours. Thank you!"

-  R.S., Sales Manager, Cuddle Therapy (main issue: depression)

"I felt calm again inside and in the afternoon with the children I had the feeling of being much more in the moment than usual. I was able to be more centred and engage in what is happening right now without pursuing any plans or thoughts in my head too much. Also, my shoulder and neck area felt very free and light. The area around the diaphragm somehow softened and I could breathe better."

- M.R., Environmental Engineer, Breathwork + Coaching (main issue: be more present)

"As I told you right after the session, I loved the massage and it felt very good. I was very surprised by the ease and speed with which it stopped my mind and brought me down to the body, to the sensations, to the touch. I loved the coherence, organicity and fluidity of everything, as something very simple and extremely successful in each step, in each movement. Your presence, your way of being and holding the space and the encounter were excellent, precious!"

- M.M., Actress, Massage (main issue: feel her body more)

"Thank you for this wonderful cuddle session. You managed to make me feel deeply safe and loved after a short time. Your touches are somehow full of magic. So intense, beautiful and truly unique. Thank you! I felt accepted and valued in every way from the beginning. Thank you for your trusting openness and deep calmness, which gave me great security and peace. It was like a wonderful short vacation - simply indescribable, unique and totally beneficial!"

- F.M., Industrial Clerk, Cuddle Therapy (main issue: lack of touch and intimacy)

I felt extremely comfortable and felt that you were very professional and had a love and passion for what you do. At no point did I feel like I was doing something wrong or asking weird questions. Your warm and calm manner is just pleasant and makes me feel calm and secure. The serenity and clarity after the session, has enriched me for several days and allowed me to make intuitive and connected decisions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

- A.J., Coach, Yoga + Breathwork (main issue: self-regulation after breaking up)

"Your warm-heartedness and deep connection to the participants during the 1-week training in July 2022 to become a cuddle therapist still resonate in me. I have experienced you as a training leader as a well-coordinated, authentic, warm and humorous team, the dedication and love for your work and its effects is something I could experience and feel throughout the entire training period.
You opened a wonderful space for self-awareness for our training group and held this for the entire training time of 7 days, I felt so well taken care of with you.
Angeline, your wonderful liveliness and ability to convey even difficult training content with humor impressed me very much and Rubem, your profundity, accuracy and calm charisma touched me very much. From the bottom of my heart I say thank you for these intense and rewarding days."

-  R.H., Journalist, Retreat/Training in Cuddle Therapy


"A lot has happened since the last session because of my father. Still on Tuesday evening I received the call from my mother that my father is not well and probably will not live much longer. I brought forward my planned trip and immediately booked a train for the next day. But it was already too late, because he died early on Wednesday. I could then say goodbye to him in the evening only one hour next to his body. And the last three days were then filled by preparing the funeral together with my mother and my two older brothers. And in between my emotional chaos of being sad that I didn't see him anymore and not being able to say goodbye, and wanting to tell my family, hey, there was another side to him and on the other hand, also letting it go and just taking care of my little living inner child with the feeling that there is nothing left to sort out in the past, but just coming into presence and now seeing what helps me grow and be. In any case, I have gained a stronger access to myself. Somehow I feel myself more. And that's also where the safety I get from working with you helps me. There is somehow a safe place for me with you right now."

- E.F., Painter, Yoga + Contact Coaching (main issue: consicous relationships)

"I found the massage wonderful! I was very tired and a little stressed. So I was also particularly looking forward to the massage. After the massage I felt relaxed and balanced. I felt the need to end the evening alone and in peace and was present with my attention much in my body. At night I slept very well (different from usual) and in the morning I felt the need to start the day quietly.
I was very impressed by the positive after-effects of your massage. Until now, massages have not had such a long-lasting relaxing effect on me, especially in areas of the body that are usually tense (hips/thighs/shoulders), I feel more alive and relaxed at the same time."

- A.B., Economist, Massage (main issue: relaxation)

"This time I booked a longer cuddle session with massage, because I was very exhausted and hoped o recharge my batteries. Again you succeeded wonderfully: during the massage I fell asleep directly and this has really never happened to me, not even with people I know well. Then you gently woke me up for the subsequent cuddle session: here I benefited immensely from your ability to create a secure atmosphere. I just melted deeply relaxed in your arms for almost the entire time - in complete contentment and was finally able to really wind down again after an exhausting week and ground myself through human warmth and simply being allowed to be. Such a precious gift."

- T.B., Adult Educator, Massage + Cuddle Therapy (main issue: wind down)