How long are the one-on-one sessions? How much do they cost?

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The very first session begins with a preliminary talk, which takes about 15-30 minutes and takes place before the session itself. I do not charge for this time. I rather see it as a way of thanking you for your trust.
So in the first session, if you book 90 minutes, the whole appointment will take about 2 hours, but you'll still pay for 90 minutes.

  • A single session (e.g. Cuddle Therapy)

1 hours = 90 euros
1,5 hours = 130 euros
2 hours = 170 euros

  • A double or triple session: 1 appointment with 2 or 3 consecutive sessions (e.g. Breathwork + Massage + Cuddle Therapy)

3 hours = 250 euros
4 hours = 330 euros

  • Discounts

* Regulars': Pay for 10 sessions at once and receive a 10% discount. 

** Social discount: People going through very challenging financial conditions (e.g. students, unemployed...) are entitled to a 30€ price reduction per booking.

Where do the one-on-one sessions take place?

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The first session takes place in my main studio in Berlin Mitte (Gesundbrunnen). I will send you the exact address via email, after you've booked the session.
Follow-up sessions can either be in my main studio in Mitte or in my secondary studio in Berlin Schöneberg:

When do you offer one-on-one sessions?

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My regular days in my main studio in Berlin Mitte (Gesundbrunnen) studio are Wednesdays and Fridays, 10:00-20:00.
By request I can also offer appointments in other weekdays, either in Mitte oder in my secondary studio in Schöneberg (

How often should I see you?

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Well, it depends on your goals, the state of your nervous system, any other therapeutic methods you're currently using and of course on what's going on in your life in altogether. But since you asked, here you have some general guidelines:

  • 1x/month

You're seeing a psychotherapist 2x/month. Or maybe you have extensive experience with psychotherapy and/or trauma therapy, including practices of self-reflexion and self-regulation. You're emotionally stable and managing your daily life quite well.
Your main goal with the work with me is personal growth. Or perhaps you see it as a special treat (focus on relaxation and wellness).

  • Every other week

You're seeing a psychotherapist weekly. Or maybe you already have some experience with psychotherapy and/or trauma therapy. Your daily life also allows for good enough conditions to integrate the new experiences. You're either emotionally quite stable (know how to stabilise yourself) or at least receiving support from other sources.

Your goals are both selfcare and personal growth.

  • 1x/week

You're seeing a psychotherapist weekly and it is their recommendation you see me weekly. Or maybe you already have previous experience with psychotherapy and/or trauma therapy but the work with me is the only professional guidance you're receiving at the moment. Your daily life also allows for very good conditions to integrate the new experiences. Probably you're going through some sort of milder emotional crisis or living in a chronic state of stress. You probably feel lonely and acutely miss deeper human connection and it feels like your carrying a considerable amount of weight on your shoulders.
Alternatively you lead a very busy and stressful life and need help regulating your nervous system. Your work puts you under a lot of stress (e.g. Celebrities, Managers, Medical Doctors, University Professors...) and/or your private life ist filled with many responsibilites, like caring for younger kids or a sick relative, so you rarely find the time to take care of yourself. And when you try, your mind won't wind down and your body feels somewhat numb.

  • 2x/week

You're going through an emotional crisis, such as grieving the loss of a loved person or the dramatic end of a relationship.
Or maybe you want to speed up your process, because you're visiting Berlin, or just happen to have some free time between jobs, on your holidays or during a sick leave.

Do you speak German? Any other language?

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I'm fluent in German, English and Portuguese (my native language). 
Many years ago I achieved the level C2 in Swedish, Spanish and French too. I still understand them quite well, but they're a bit rusty.
You're welcome to write me a message in any of these languages.

Why do you call yourself Rubem Joy? What is you real name?

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Rubem Joy Fockink.

  • Rubem is my first given name, chosen by my parents. Most people just call me Rubem (stress in the first syllable).

 It is a name occuring in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, so it is of Hebrew origin and can be spelled in many different ways (Ruben, Ruwen, Rouben, Rubén...), just like Michael (Mikael, Mikkel, Michel, Miguel...) or David (Davey, Dávid, Davi, Dafydd...). 
In Brazil, where I was born, Rubem is the most common spelling.

  • Joy is my second given name, also chosen by my parents.

So I guess I can say that Joy is my birthright :)
And I believe it is yours too! Regardless of what name your parents chose for you.

  • Fockink is my familiy name.

It is the old-fashioned spelling of a Dutch surname. Alternative spellings include: Fokkink, Fokkers and Focking and Fock. 
My heritage is very mixed, very international and one of my great-grandfathers was Dutch.