How long are the sessions? How much do they cost?

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The very first session begins with a preliminary talk, which takes about 15-30 minutes and takes place before the session itself. I do not charge for this time. I rather see it as a way of thanking you for your trust.
So in the first session, if you book 90 minutes, the whole appointment will take about 2 hours, but you'll still pay for 90 minutes.

  • A single session (e.g. Cuddle Therapy)

60 minutes = 90 euros
90 minutes = 120 euros
120 minutes = 150 euros

  • A double session: 1 appointment with 2 consecutive sessions (e.g. Massage + Cuddle Therapy)

90 minutes = 120 euros

120 minutes = 150 euros 
150 minutes = 180 euros

  • A triple session: 1 appointment with 3 consecutive sessions (e.g. Breathwork + Massage + Cuddle Therapy)

120 minutes = 150 euros 

150 minutes = 180 euros 
180 minutes = 210 euros

  • Discounts

* Regulars': Pay for 10 sessions at once and receive a 10% discount. 

** Social discount: People going through very challenging financial conditions (e.g. students, unemployed...) are entitled to a 30€ price reduction per booking.

Where do the sessions take place?

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The first session takes place in my space in Berlin Mitte. I will send you the exact address via email, after you've booked the session.
Further Sessions could be in this space in Berlin Schöneberg as well:
Regular clients also have the option of having the sessions in their homes, if they meet some requirements.

Do you speak German? Any other language?

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I'm fluent in German, English and Portuguese (my native language). 
Many years ago I achieved the level C2 in Swedish, Spanish and French too. I still understand them quite well, but they're a bit rusty.
You're welcome to write me a message in any of these languages.

Why do you call yourself Rubem Joy? What is you real name?

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Rubem Joy Fockink.

  • Rubem is my first given name, chosen by my parents. Most people just call me Rubem (stress in the first syllable).

 It is a name occuring in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, so it is of Hebrew origin and can be spelled in many different ways (Ruben, Ruwen, Rouben, Rubén...), just like Michael (Mikael, Mikkel, Michel, Miguel...) or David (Davey, Dávid, Davi, Dafydd...). 
In Brazil, where I was born, Rubem is the most common spelling.

  • Joy is my second given name, also chosen by my parents.

So I guess I can say that Joy is my birthright :)
And I believe it is yours too! Regardless of what name your parents chose for you.

  • Fockink is my familiy name.

It is the old-fashioned spelling of a Dutch surname. Alternative spellings include: Fokkink, Fokkers and Focking and Fock. 
My heritage is very mixed, very international and one of my great-grandfathers was Dutch.